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The evolution continues with DYE’s ongoing development and advancement of marker technology. The DSR+ is the new and experienced player’s choice for a confidence-inspiring, lightweight, compact and efficient machine that keeps you out on the field all day long, performing against any opponent you encounter. Tough inside and out, the new DYE DSR+ returns yet again to outperform and outlast the competition.


Feature Quick View:

ARC+ Bolt System
Flex Bolt
Quick Release Bolt
Flex SFR Solenoid
Edge2 Trigger
Leverlock Clamping Feedneck
Tool-less Battery Access
MOS Operating System
Control Joystick
Increased Grip Clearance
Sticky Grips
Ultralite 45 Frame
Hyper 6 Regulator
UL Trucam Airport
Freewire Connector
4th Gen Eye Pipe
Colored Coded O-rings
Core Barrel
Lowprofile Design
Hard Foam Case