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Each HEADSHOT HEADBAND has a unique feel, it is hand sewn and designed with the specific comfort of the paintball player in mind. The look and feel of cotton, with the durability and superior quality of being 100% polyester. Making it extremally durable, comfortable to the touch, and keeping your head cool while you sweat. Measuring at approximately 40 inches in length, 2 5/8 inches wide (at the center of the headband), and 1/4 inches of thickness in the middle (Including the 1/8 latex padding).



Cada HEADSHOT HEADBAND tiene una sensación única, está cosida a mano y diseñada teniendo en cuenta la comodidad específica del jugador de paintball. La apariencia y el tacto del algodón, con la durabilidad y la calidad superior de ser 100 % poliéster. Haciéndola extremadamente duradera, cómoda al tacto mientras te mantiene la cabeza fresca mientras suda. Mide aproximadamente 40 pulgadas de largo, 2 5/8 pulgadas de ancho (en el centro de la diadema) y 1/4 pulgadas de grosor en el medio (incluido el relleno de látex de 1/8).


Objective: Headshot Paintball wants to engage and grow the Paintball community! So we plan to start a Scholarship initiative that will help new players in the sport. A special edition Headshot Headband will be sold and part of the proceeds will be used to gift the following items to a selected player: EMEK 100, pal hopper, Headshot Headband, and free shipping in the USA!

Cost: The items being sold are a limited edition Headshot Headband and a Headshot Headband Wood Case. The cost will be $45.99 USD for both items, plus shipping. Only 16 headband will be made and 15 will be sold. Some of the proceeds will be used to purchase the gift for the selected player.

Special Edition: In honor of Craig Baxter, we created this Limited Edition Headshot Headband. Mr. Baxter is known as a man of honor and prestige in our community. He has touched the lives of many through his hard work and dedication. It is an honor to have worked with him in designing this headband.

Process: After all Special Edition Headshot Headbands are sold, we will notify the community and will give a 7 days window for submissions of an eligible scholarship recipient. Criteria: Candidates must have a genuine interest in the sport, be considered an active player, have the inability to purchase the items being gifted, and above all be of good moral character. Scholarship recipient will be selected by Mr. Baxter and a representative of Headshot Paintball.