PBRack - 2020 Flow Leg Pants - Olive

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*Flow Leg Technology - The most advanced and functional paintball pant on the market.  We have added padding to your lower calf area on the Flow Legs giving you more protection on dives.  We have also moved the Velcro strap that secures your lower Flow Leg to the back of the pant, so you are not going to get as much grass and debris from sliding or crouching.

*Comfort Waist and Closure – Our unique offset Velcro closure is now slimmer for less bulk.   We have also added an adjustable, belt-through clip, so no need for an additional belt or extra straps to get the perfect fit for all body types.

*Durable Knee Protection - We have removed the Kevlar knee to allow for more comfort and a better fit to your body.  You are still going to get maximum protection with the new Cordura reinforced knees, and you will notice the increased comfort.

*Comfort Stirrups – With flexible elastic stirrups that fit comfortably under your foot and inside your shoe you never have to worry about your pants rising up.  No more tripping on excessive bulk around your ankles or announcing your movement with that dreaded swishing sound when you run.

*Dual pockets – These are located around the side and back of the pant to keep your forward playing profile at a minimum.  Large enough to hold swabs, microfibers and more.

*Silicone Grips – Located at strategic locations to help keep your pants in place and your pod pack steady.

*Mesh Inner Lining – This helps with sliding and comfort, in addition to adding breathability to the inside of your pants.