Valken Defender .43 Caliber Hard Rubber Balls - 25ct

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Protect and defend home, life and property with the serious impact of Valken Defender hard rubber balls! Available in .68 caliber, .50 caliber and .43 caliber, Valken Defender hard rubber defense ammo packs a punch while providing a potent less than lethal option for home defense, family and property protection or for law enforcement applications.

*Valken Defender Hard Rubber balls are to be used in personal and home defense applications and by trained law enforcement ONLY.

**DO NOT use Valken Defender Hard Rubber ammo for recreational activities such as paintball or force-on-force training applications.

***The ownership and use of Valken Defender hard rubber defense ammo may be governed by local and state laws where applicable - user assumes all liability for ownership and use.