Valken M17 Paintball Gun Dual Hybrid Stock Upgrade

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Upgrade the Valken M17 mag-fed paintball gun for added versatility to suit any loadout or mission requirement with the Valken M17 Dual Hybrid Stock! No longer must a mag-fed tactical paintball player settle for one setup for any mission, as this hybrid collapsible stock can do it all! Looking to run a rear-mounted compressed air bottle mounted in the stock? No problem! Planning to run for hours during a big scenario game and need to switch to a remote line to keep the paintball gun light and use a larger bottle for plenty of shots? You’re ready! Moving into a close quarters battle and need a more compact setup? Simply collapse the stock and make entry! Versatile and durable, the Valken M17 Dual Hybrid stock is a great addition to any tactical mag-fed loadout!